Volvo XC60

High-quality materials, intelligent use of space and attention to detail work together to create a warm, inviting environment. And it’s for all of your passengers. Everyone who travels in the New XC60 gets the same standards of comfort, space, light and design.


Park Assist Pilot takes over the steering and guides your car into place, whether you park in a parallel or perpendicular space – all you need to control is the brake and the accelerator. The technology is so precise it can park in spaces you wouldn’t normally consider: when parallel parking, even a gap just 1.2 times the length of the car is enough.


BLIS™ supports when you have to change lanes in busy traffic by alerting you of vehicles in your left and right blind spots and providing steering assistance if needed. Cross Traffic Alert facilitates reversing by spotting crossing vehicles. When a vehicle enters your blind spot or approaches rapidly in a lane on either side of your car, BLIS™ can alert via a light in the left or right door mirror. If you don’t react to the warning and start to drift into the path of another vehicle, the Steer Assist function gently assists you back into your lane. The rear-mounted radar sensors continuously monitor your blind spots and a large area behind your car, day or night, and reacts to almost any type of vehicle, including motorcycles


The 360˚ camera makes parking and maneuvering in narrow places a simple operation, providing a bird’s eye view of everything surrounding the car on the centre display.